• ‘Blipp It’

    13th July 2016

    Visual search, like voice search is an emerging discipline whose true potential has yet to be realised. Blippar is hoping to change this, [...]

  • Not so splendid isolation

    12th July 2016

    The UK exit that few predicted has had economic repercussions that many warned against. Consumer confidence has plummeted, stock prices [...]

  • New ‘speed dating’ app for charities

    5th July 2016

    The Charity sector has long been overdue a technology overhaul.  Currently over £80bn is being spent to attract volunteers whose [...]

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      • Uber’s first major UK ad campaign

        Uber tells story of riders and drivers in it's first major UK ad campaign. It comes as the taxi app moves into the next stage of it's life cycle.

      • Pizza lovers are lost for words

        The latest campaign from Domino’s leaves pizza lovers’ mouths boggling at the taste of their infamous pizzas. The campaign plan includes the use of new marketing formats on Snapchat and Spotify such as Snapchat lenses which allows users to overlay a ‘Lost for Words’ lens which ‘boggles th

      • Life’s good when you play more

        The launch of the LG G5 & friends activity went live in April 2016 across various media channels with an integrated plan using innovative and creative formats. Featuring Jason Statham in multiple personas, the TV ad has been extremely well received.

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